Philosophy and Process


EMET Wealth wants you, the client, to be in the driver’s seat of your financial world. Our structured approach is built to educate clients on the many options they have for their future. With personalized guidance, EMET Advisors will work with you to have clarity on your financial goals, properly analyze risk and to determine the foremost opportunities. As the client, you have the wheel and pedal in your control.




Getting to know you is our number one priority. During our first meeting we will spend time to truly understand your goals and concerns. We will discuss our philosophy and process. This is the start of our financial relationship.


The more we know about you, the greater value we can provide. During the fact gathering we will learn about the financial decisions you have made. This includes the numbers and your goals. Having a holistic view gives us an expanded vision on areas of concern.

Research and Analysis

This is where we roll up our sleeves and get down to work. Proper research will lead us to the right strategies. Using our many tools and services we will develop a comprehensive financial plan to address your financial goals.


Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge! We believe in educating the client on their current status, their many options and what to expect. We want you to have the facts. An informed client can make the best financial decisions.


Now you put your plan to work. Our team will make sure your execution is seamless. We’ll work with you each step of the way.


Financial planning is a constant work in progress. Your life changes as does the world around you. Reviews ensure our clients are on track to defeat their goals.

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